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Drama on the High Street

Walking TC to his bar job, he pops into a one of the numerous London convenience shops to satisfy his sweet tooth. I wander in. He’s got some candy bar and I make a comment about how he’s going to get fat and then what will I do with him.

He hurriedly exits the shop and down the dark street he goes. Alone. I rush to catch up. He turns to me and berates me for making a “I’m in control of you” comment in a public. He kisses me on the cheek, tells me he’ll call me tomorrow and disappears into the bar. A wisp of steam in his trail.

I wander back to the hotel. I’m mad at him. Mad for his drama on such a minor issue. At 3.30 a.m. I hear the lock of my hotel room turning. I’m half asleep. In steps Chris. Whatever. He slides into bed next to me and tells me he’s sorry for his drama moment. He winds himself around me and I fall back asleep.

The issue though wasn’t my comment. It’s that he’s concerned about our age difference. He doesn’t want a sugar daddy. Doesn’t need to be my “catch of the day”. He’s concerned about how we look together. He wants to be an equal in our relationship. It’s on his mind.

I must admit I am a bit proud of “scoring” him. Several months into it, the thrill of the score is long past. What is holding us together is laughter. Humor can be quite a bond. Anyone can be serious, but humor is truly an acquired skill. We’re laughing our way thru these tough situations. We amuse each other. See the humor that surrounds daily life. We know each other’s strange habits and never fail to laugh about them.

I do need to be more respectful to him. This May-December romance has stress for both of us. We’ll figure it out.

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  1. I’ve no doubt you both will figure it out. I can understand his worry though. On the one hand you have a highly successful businessman on the other a bartender. Who wouldn’t feel intimidated…..and a bit like they don’t have much control.
    In every relationship there is alway a dominate partner. You guys just have to figure out how you make it work……so you can eliminate the worry on both parties (for the most part).

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