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Down we go again

The ride with TC seems far too much like a roller coaster. It’s constantly up and down and I’m not talking in a good way. He’s young and foolish and probably more young and foolish than most his age. Everything seems to have to be on his terms. When and how he wants it and he does so with total disregard to my own feelings. The problem is it makes me feel bad and I’m feeling bad enough already on my own.

The cause of all this would of course be about SEX. I awoke this morning and decided to warm up my already toasty brown cub. He was half asleep and admittedly messing with him in the morning isn’t his thing. Nonetheless, he likes the attention, but after a bit decides he’s done, gets up and off into the bathroom. Fine, leave me that way.

I go to my office area and start the day. TC must have figured out I was not happy about being left with my engines idling. Shortly thereafter, he putters out to the office, towel around him and sweetly asks if I want to go back to bed for a bit. OK – he’s making up, fine, I wander back and away we go.

A few minutes into this new bedroom scene, my engines fully rev’d, TC decides he doesn’t want to “mess around” anymore and gets up and goes back to the bathroom. I get up, put on my gym clothes and out the door I go. I return an hour later and he’s getting dressed and shortly thereafter leaves with a short good-bye at the door. Our day together is over.

I’m not sure whose at fault here. Clearly, we’re both not happy. This isn’t the way I want to start (or end) my day. I’ve never had issues like this with women, least the ones I’ve gone out with. I can fully understand NO, I don’t wanna. What I can’t understand is someone winding my clock.

I wish he’d talk to me about this. But every time I bring the topic up, he fends that sex should be spontaneous and without a lot of discussion. Well, I’ll just sleep in the other room until he can figure it out.


  1. Chris,
    Yes sex should be spontanious……so it would appear to me that TC isn’t really interested in sex……oh he likes the digs and therefore submits ocassionally. So what you have is a warm body to snuggle with…..and that’s about it. Is it good enough for you, is it what you want. That’s for you to decide. I doubt that it will ever change.

  2. Just a thought here.
    What would you do if you were living with a woman and she pulled this crap?
    I know what I’d do if I was dating someone who teased me that way. Dump their ass. (no matter how cute they were)
    What are you getting out of this relationship again?

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