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Does age difference matter?

TC calls me and we spend an hour talking on the phone. I’m all curled up by the end. It’s warm & comfy, I recognize a certain softness to our voices. He apologizes for bolting from the hotel on Saturday morning. No need to apologize. I understand him.

He’s talking about me visiting London and us doing a few road trips. I’m kidding him how he feels we’ve only been on 2 dates. He swings it back to me that he normally dumps guys on the 4th or 5th date. He’s learning how to throw stuff back at me. I like that.

When we’re together, I don’t think of our age difference. He’s a peer. I’m not his daddy. We talk on a similar plane. Granted, I’m coming at it with a far more flying hours than him. But his prospective on the world is so unique, I can’t apply my normal wisdom to it. Thus I’m content to listen, hear another perspective.

Yes, indeed a 20+ year age difference can matter. But only if the involved parties let it. The question is more about core values, what’s important to each person, what do they want out of life. Granted, I’m likely to have to carry more of the burden, but I’m more than capable.

What a line of BS, eh? Did I actually just write that crap paragraph. Come on. This ship is heading straight for the beach. But you know, he calls back, we see each other, it’s caring, it’s more than just sex and we’re both having fun. So one day at a time. Who knows, best deal I’ve had so far.


  1. You’re starting to think way too much about things and analyse them…enjoy it day by day:) Age is not a state of mind…just a physical trait.

  2. I’ve been told by many people to take it one day at a time, and you know, it does work! Good luck!

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