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My wife casually let out she has been sleeping with this 58 year old geezer and was upset that she had to always come home and couldn't spend the night over because of the kids. Sleep over? WTF has this b*tch been doing in my absence? 58 years old, do people live that long? 13 year age different, dirty old man, hairs growing on his back, doin my wife, yuck, the visual has me nauseous.

OK before one you fairies chirps up, "Well Chris doesn't you wife deserve the right to be happy to have some one new?". Let me cut you short, the answer is NO. It's my world and I get to create all the rules.

I can already smell the mature ones out there trying to formulate a harsher reality, "Chris – haven't you been living with Tiger Cub and didn't you already cheat on him, now is all this fair?". Yes, all is fair in love and war. And god help Tiger Cub if he cheats on me, weaselly black mop of hair, I'll drop him so hard he'll shatter into a 1000 pieces. Cheat on me, think again.

I have dual standards, so sue me. It's been working for me so far. Leave me the hell alone – I'm a little stressed, can't you tell????

I'm happy my wife has found someone, but emotionally it's difficult. Another man doing your wife and I have to sleep in the same house with her. I've honestly been trying to get on to the next stage of the game and I will. A nice clean break is needed but with the economic turmoil that may present some extra challenges. Now what?


  1. OK, Chris.
    Here’s a really “mature” geezer fairy asking whether the age difference between yr wife and ber BF even APPROACHES the age difference between you and yours. I think not.
    But then, math was never my strongpoint.

  2. Your wife is so cool!!! power to her…..She should start her own blog!!!

  3. What now? Give her a night out – be their Dad.
    Your emotions for her – get over it.

  4. Go on you’re actually delighted that she’s found someone… don’t have to feel so guilty.

  5. Oh you big gay hypocrite!!! You’re doing someone half your age! AND now you know how she must’ve felt when she found out you were sleeping with other guys! What’s sauce for the goose…
    But yes, I’m with Single Guy, she should start blogging!
    I love how open and honest you are Chris – I love reading your blog with its twists and turns, its ups and downs! 🙂

  6. PS
    Just saw your post about your exwife and her latest boyfriend, and I just HAVE to comment on it. OMG! (I know, I do Valley Girl really well), who the H E double LL does that b**** (rhymes with witch) think she is! Has she heard about adultery laws and the like? You need to get yourself a lawyer and reign that b**** (rhymes with witch) in. LOL. Anyways, I agree full heartedly with your assessment, there is nothing creepier than an old guy lusting over a younger sex object. Who is he anyways? Probably a bum, with his hair growing down his neck and all as you describe. Disgusting! What has the world come to when old trolls like him, go after younger lust? You need to talk to him and get him in his place! And I fully disagree with those commentators that said you should give her a night out and take care of the kids. Who do they think they are?! She’s your wife, goddammit, and she should be taking care of the yung ones and minding her manners; haver her zip up her *** (you know what)!

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