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Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie with Single in the City (SIC) last night. He’s my pseudo boyfriend until Scrappy Doo arrives.  I’m hoping to hold hands on our next ‘date’.

SIC invited a few of his friends to come with. All guys in their 30’s or early 40’s. There we sat in the dark of the movie theater on a Friday night. Bunch of homos. No talking, just starring at the screen, alone but strangely not. The movie was late, it ended, SIC drove me back to my hotel. I wondered why none of these homos had nothing better to do on a Friday night, all seemingly sweet and nice.

One of SIC’s friends is an American early 40’s, though you wouldn’t know it (younger looking), well traveled, intelligent, nicely dressed, I’d say decent looking, white (ok everything can’t be perfect). He was yapping on about his dog being sick and and and. I couldn’t wait to get to the car with SIC to ask what the deal with him was.

Well it would seem that SIC’s friend had a torrent love affair with a Brazilian (I resisted screaming out the word big bottom white boy) while living in Brazil. It was love and they wanted to be together. Brazil was tough to be a homo couple. They tried to live in the US and immigration was nearing impossible. So SIC’s friend after some research concluded they could live together with few worries in Australia. The logistics took some time, but eventually they pulled it off. Home sweet home.

But what happened? Clearly there were no longer together. Leave it to Single in the City to sum things up in the most minimal of words. “He found his boyfriend’s cock in another boys ass” was the sweet reply. You gotta love that kind of answer.

So here, nearly 10 years of relationship investment, the Brazilian has a new garage for his cock and the American friend is alone sans this little gay dog that he ironically still shares custody with his “ex”. Sharing custody of a dog seems kinda of silly, but then again, I don’t have a dog. But clearly the American guy still has feelings for the Brazilian and his cock (most likely). The dog is ill, likely dying, but serves as the continued communication link between them. How poetic.

SIC is often so jaded about things. He’s got more miles on him than I do as he likes to point out. The challenge is to stay fresh. You can’t assume you’ve lost the race before the race has begun. With all the “all you can eat” insecurity that most gay men have, dolloping on a good heaping  of potential relationship infidelity clearly can get even the most solid of homos wobbling


  1. I was waiting for your post. LOL

    What’s wrong with a movie on a Friday night? I’m doing that most nights this week!

    No hand holding…this was funny. We all love some Brazilian cock!

  2. You’re not thinking of “test driving” this Brazilian are you?

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