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Dinner at 8

TC and I are planning on going out to dinner Saturday and perhaps to a jazz club afterwards. We’re inviting some more people to come along. It should be a great time for everyone. Isn’t this interesting?

It’s the guest list that is. We’ve invited my wife and her friend to go out with us. Yup. See and you thought I wasn’t interesting. My wife and TC in the same place at the same time. Both likely ignoring me and chatting between them, like I’m not even there.

It was TC’s idea. He’s a curious cat and is dying to meet her. My wife plays it a bit cooler. The two of them have had a weird habit of sending little packages of stuff (recipes, little food packets, hair products, something for the house) between them with me acting as the courier.  My wife was keen on the idea and we laid out a little plan and we’ll see if we can pull it off. It not this weekend, the next.

We have definitely steering into a land of unlikely events for most of us. Your wife meeting your boyfriend? Never gonna happen, never want it to happen.

While TC may be curious, I applaud his suggestion and his efforts, he’s trying to collapse my worlds. It is very tough to live multiple path lives. My wife is super stable, she wants everyone to be happy and get along and has accepted how this is working out. There is no need for anger, judgement or just plain crazy behaviour. She’s pretty much figured out that TC isn’t all that bad.

I’m lucky and I hope the same for you. Now the odds of your wife meeting your love interest, may not be so high. I do suggest we all try and live ‘one’ life


  1. It’s really not that unusual for the ex to meet and even get along with the current love interest (read here “partner”). My partner (or am I suppose to call him “husband”) isn’t as comfortable with it as I am but it does get easier for him each time.

    I must admit I’m looking forward to your post after the “dinner”. Hope all goes well……I suspect it will.

  2. This is a bit of strange territory, Chris, but many of us have been through it. I’ve been out to my wife for 8 years, divorced for 6 1/2, with my partner for 5, and due to having 3 kids together, my ex and I do have quite a bit of interaction. She has always been open to my partner, and has spoken of him highly to friends and family. The first few times, it seemed more strange for him and for me than for her, but it’s become kind of “normal” in the new definition of normal. The first couple times my ex greeted my partner with a kiss and a hug, he was a bit freaked out, but when he recognized she wasn’t hiding a knife behind her back, he calmed down! Life has some strange twists and turns!

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