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Gay married man coming out story

Ding ding ding

A vintage posting that never made it online, posting this while I’m on the road:

Neighbor’s 16 year old kid is over here. Extremely smart, goes to special high school for gifted science students, virtually guaranteed to get into any of the top U.S. schools. He’s nice looking and well dressed. His mother is always commenting how it takes him over an hour to get ready, 15 minutes just for his hair. Oh, she included, he’s off at a napkin folding class today. She thinks it’s funny. Ding ding ding, I see high maintenance stand & model queer ahead.

Further down the street, 15 year old kid, fantastic artist, his drawings are amazing, he was recently the “costume manager” for the school play. His parents have taken out of the super public school for a private school. “So he can concentrate on his artistic ability”. My son though is telling me he was ragged on by his schoolmates for being girlie and was always real snoddy back. Ding ding ding, I smell bitchy queen.

One street over, married couple with a son in same elementary school. Father underwent a sex change operation. Its the talk of the neighborhood. He (now she, I guess) recently moved out of the house. I saw her at a school event. The 12 year old son refers to his dad now as his aunt. My heart goes out for the drama that must have unfolded in that household and what this kid must be contending with.

Across the ocean in Germany, is my nephew, he’s all of 8, his mother, a school teacher, commenting that this little boy only likes to play with the girls and for some reason doesn’t connect with other boys. She thinks he’s gay. She coaches him along and, well whatever he wants to be she’s fine with it.

Americans aren’t necessarily the most tolerant people in the world, despite what they believe. Maybe I haven’t been that tolerant. How many black friends do you have? None? But yet you’re not racist. How many gay friends do you have (ok maybe a bad question for this blog, but you get the drift)? But you’re all for gay rights. You’re not looking at PORN are you? That’s bad. But it’s a $2.5 billion dollar a year business, someone is. It’s quite a contrast.


  1. Interesting..good to see a new generation of gay boys is taking off…and in DC!

  2. A really interesting post, especially the last paragraph 😀 Granted I didn’t “come out” most neighbors when I was really young just knew. Though now, they all think it was just a phase since I came back and was all manly heh.
    I was really surprised how intolerant the US can be. In the Philippines, it had a reputation as being really liberated but if only they knew..

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