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Did something bark?

Single Guy is still here and like trollnip in the air, he seems to excel at attracting the DC wackos (course one might argue the ratio of wack jobs is pretty high in DC). A classic Chihuahua, he hasn’t missed an opportunity to nip at my heels.

He’s latest nip is that my writing style seems to give you “the reader” the sense that I’m playing the field.  When we were out, I’m chatty and gravitate towards things that interest me (Single Guy seems to gravitate towards the trolls, you pick which one you think it better). He concludes that I certainly don’t come off as a partnered up guy.

On that note, I also don’t come off as a 50 year old guy and thank god for that. So to set the record for all of your vivid imaginations, I would classify myself as locked and secured. When TC is here, I basically don’t even want to leave the house except to get supplies. I am quite happy and content with all aspects of our relationship. Homos are the very last thing on my mind when we’re together.

Now having said that, TC believes that I need a lot of attention. I don’t really, but the ‘brown’ in him (I know brown or what?), has some insecure motherly element. We all want to be wanted. So he calls at all kinds of odds hours, I need to put him to bed, and wake him up in the morning, I need to be on the phone when he walks to get a coffee, lunch or on the way to the subway. I need to answer any call within 2 rings, least he think I’m off doing something.. In his mind, I’m needing attention, but in reality he wants the attention, just on his terms. Fine by me.

Me sniffing around at other ‘boys’ is the equivalent of a doggie snack. TC gets all excited and starts yipping away and then I rain attention down on him. Satisfied, he trots on. It’s just how it works.

Yes, this creates some tension in the relationship, but how many relationships just peter out because you simply got bored with the other person. That ain’t happening here. We have sparks all the time.

No, Chris, there is no need to try and bake Ruffle potato chips in the oven. They catch on fire and you’ll burn the house down. Yes, I realize you didn’t know this but perhaps the indication there were no cooking instructions on the bag might be a tip off.  Huge argument followed.

At Passport Control, Chris I have no idea why they wanted to call you out for a secondary screening. Perhaps it’s because you haven’t showered in 2 days, have beer on your breath, are wearing dark sunglasses, a passport that looks like something you might flush down the toilet and are carrying a bag stuffed with 4 gallons of flammable material, can’t believe they didn’t just wave you thru. Another big argument ensued.

Yes, never a dull moment over here.


  1. You do need a lot of attention and you are a big all flirt! LOL But that’s ok. I attract trolls…hence why I refuse to date. I’d rather be alone than with a troll.

  2. Chris: Me thinks you like playing the role of wise man to your novel apprentice. TC is your padawan learner to your Jedi master. What does that make SG – your sidekick?

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