The course of true love never did run smooth or there abouts according to Shakespeare. As another chapter in the TC story unfolds. This May-December romance has some rough edges. Readers question my sensibility, the maturity of TC and the long term viability of us together.

But the purpose of this blog isn't some steamy sexual adventure for you to follow along at home (plenty of those on the internet). But rather a recording of history, my history to be precise and I leave behind a breadcrumb trail for perhaps other to follow or not, their choice.

I learn heavily on my business acumen which may not be always serve me well, but it does provide some structure. What I find is people are constantly rethinking their decisions. It's one of the reasons retailers endure such heavy returns of goods. It's a reason for the volatility in the stock market. I love how television networks constantly broadcast the current state of the Dow Jones Index. Who cares and who lives on a minute by minute basis? Not me. It's all useless information and we're overloaded with it.

I make a decision and set a re-eval point in the future and between now and then, don't try and re-think it. Maybe it's a German mentality thing. Relationships have a day to day swing, I'm looking at the long term trend because I only play long term (unless they're extra cute).

If you rewind this blog, back to January and with no hint of today, you'd of bet TC and I would have quickly gone our separate ways. But we haven't have we? Because you're likely missing key information about the two of us together.

While having all the facts can pollute our minds, not having the keys facts can be dangerous. One commenter blasted TC for not calling me while out and jumped to the conclusion that he was off screwing around. A key missing fact is that TC doesn't have a mobile phone (and may be the only 25 yo in Canada who doesn't). Small piece of data, big difference in outcome.

So right now TC knows MY expectation is for him to be here by the first week of January. He can re-think that decision 950 times in the next days. I'll cope. But come that first week, I'll open my eyes and if he ain't here. I'll re-eval and make a new decision. Until then, whatever.