January 11, 2007 (evening) – My therapy session ends at 4 p.m.. I’m in the city, rush hour traffic, it’s going to be hard to get home quickly. I call Stewart, he is willing to meet for a dinner and drinks at JR’s later.

I’m celebrating my first therapy session. Stewart and his new boyfriend who goes with us is happy. It’s 9 p.m. – time to go home before it gets to late. Walking out of JR’s I spy an attractive black guy, late 30’s, with a bunch of friends, nicely dressed, a professional. Something calls me. I walk over and introduce myself.

William (not his real name) has these wonderful sparkling eyes, a little shorter than my 6’2" frame. He’s totally happy to be out with his friends, drinking, looking at the music videos, chatting and eyeing the available talent. Something continues to eat at me about him.

I start to hang out with the group. William acts like he doesn’t notice me, but he clearly does. The occassional glance. He so cute and I’m getting totally smashed.

Stewart and his BF appear. Stewart is also getting trashed and jealous about what he sees happening. GO HOME NOW! He tell me. Come let’s go get some late night food. Stewart is screaming at me. William leans over, "who the f**k is this guy?"

I decide to leave the group, a bit of space. I walk away. 5 minutes later William comes rushing over to me, "you’re married!!!!". WTF, let me guess Stewart told you. I tell William the whole story, he seems cool with it. OMG – he is cute, I love talking to him.

I go back to the group, Stewart has left. William and I make out a bit (rather a lot, as one of his friends said later, "just short of having sex on the bar"). William is pretty tanked, he turns to me and says, "you have a choice, I can sleep with you, but only 1 time and we never see each other again OR we can be friends."

I tell him that I’m happy just being his friend. It’s an honest question and it was my honest reply.