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Following dinner with Carlos last night. I was tempted to go out, London gay scene is massive, an entire city of queers, all sorts of cute boys. Woof. But I’m in a relationship aren’t I? So here I am in a hotel room writing to you. Ain’t life just great. Here kitty kitty kitty.

Carlos commented that the other night when I stormed off in a moment of dramatic flair that TC, who remained, doesn’t pay much attention to other guys. I know, all of you would vote me “most likely to screw around”, try and figure out something hard, ok? But listening to Carlos, I realized what I most appreciate about TC. TC a nice host, a good listener. A similar characteristic of my wife.

A pleasure to be with, he makes you feel welcome. He enjoys a nice chat with you, listen to whatever is on your mind. Bring a group in and he immediately brings everybody together. I’m none of that, I’m quite entertaining, always a story to tell, funny, a rapid pace monologue, but I shut down if I’m not feeling the moment and can quickly become disinterested if the mood strikes me. Bitchy perhaps, pray you catch me on a good day, the show can be good.

TC has quit his job and looks like “one brown boy to go, please”. A next chapter coming soon. As we were packing up the flat yesterday I was taking photos and got into a little cub wrestling. Rolling around I kept snapping photos, he’s getting a little fat don’t you think?


  1. I only wished I were as fat……you dolt.

  2. Fat! LOL
    how about a photo of the happy couple (with faces…pretty please!)

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