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Dark Northern Territories

I am in Toronto and I wish you were here. There are plenty of Asian snackie treats running around. You can’t swing a pair of chopsticks without smacking one in the face. All I can think about is taking one home and spank’em like a rented mule. Yee haw!

The brown tiger though is severely impeding my ‘game’. Never more than one claw swipe away. It looks could kill. It’s not until I stepped out of the shower this morning do I realize the actual game that has been underway. I am a fat fuck. I wouldn’t do me.  My god what has happened. Meanwhile, TC is all curled up in bed, tail twitching, “It’s OK, I still love you just like you are” as he dozes contently back to sleep. Mother fuck. I’ve been gamed by the brown master himself. I’ve built my own prison, a fat farm with daily rations from TC. GDIT he said those potato chips were low carb!!!

While the winter may bring darkness, it’s a gay spring for married homos taking the holiday season to ruin their marriages and family life, tis the season after all. Email after email, “I wanna suck cock” generally with a brief on their story and ending with a “thanks for helping me fuck up my life“. No problem, that’s what homos do best.

You’re welcome. You’re not alone in your quest. Though I clearly hear the fear in their words. It’s one thing to be doing the nasty on the side, it’s exciting, dangerous, the forbidden fruit (and we’re not talking Single in the City guy). It’s another thing to go live the dream day in and day out. From the roadside, the mental hospital looks like a pastoral place, it’s not until you’re wandering through the gates do you realize how wacky the homo world is. Anything and everything goes.

I continue to read the homo book, Velvet Rage, which seems to give stages gay life. Stage 2 is the hardest one to escape. Continual lust, fleeing relationships, constant worry about one’s physical looks and outward appearances. The author continues to believe that ‘shame’ is responsible. Stage 3, if you can get there, is acceptance of yourself and the circumstances and you simply let things be as they are and get back to what the hell we all should be doing — enjoying life.

So I curl my fat ass up with the brown twig and recognize that his contentment should be mine as well.

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  1. Chris: A prison of your own making, huh? Pretty funny how you thought you were the predator but it turns out you are the prey of TC’s deviously simple plan – make you less attractive so you can be his. But that he loves you as is should allay your fears of being cast aside. And even if that happens, you can always snuggle up with Single Guy — he’s always looking and available.

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