Daniel threw up a lot of chaff when I paid attention to him. He didn’t want me getting under his fence. But yet I did and for those brief moments he allowed me to see him as he was. Those are the moments when I truly liked him, the rest, the chaff, I could do without.

We’re all vulnerable. We have things we don’t want others to know. We know things about ourselves that we don’t readily admit to, even to ourselves.

I constantly try and keep in prospective my current challenges. Thinking what’s the maximum downside? For Daniel, the worse that can happen is he simply takes his duffle bag and flies back home and re-starts. But at this moment in his life the challenge he faces seem almost insurmountable. I get consumed in my situation. One blogger wrote me that his wife went kooky, he came out, and now with his own life changing events, he got the kids to take care of. It’s all relevant isn’t it.

The reality the chasms we jump generally aren’t as wide or deep as we think. But standing on the edge, down looks a long ways.

Come back Sunday, I’ve got a new report, something big.