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Damn another birthday

Was checking email and realized several folks had written and whilst this blog is a ship adrift at sea, it obviously still finds some readers on a voyage of their own, so read away and I trust it will have some impact on your situation.

This year Scrappy and I will have been together for 5 years. Five long years and my story on this blog is now 6 years old. Wow. How times flies when you’re having fun.

I traded married life with my wife to married life with Scrappy with little light in between. Thus I must profess I really know little about “gay” life. The closest I get is when I have to endure another Housewives of “somewhere” marathon week on Fashion TV where upon Scrappy pulls up a chair for the long haul. He has homo friends and bitches and I, well I mostly just have him and my work colleagues and that is pretty much what I had before.

So I’m not expert on homo life and I’ve really seen only a glimpse of this multi faceted world. Sufficient to say, I got lucky, Scrappy has a world of faults, but he’s loyal to a fault as well. Left to my own devices, I believe I would stay in perpetual trouble. Prof. Tim visited from Chicago and we went out for a drink in the gayborhood and some cute little Asian puff came up and kissed me. What can I say, I’m a dude magnet!

Needless to say, Scrappy keeps a close eye on me to ensure I drive between the lines. Me, I keep hoping he’ll find another boyfriend, which seems only to fuel his loyalty to me even more. A form of reverse psychology.

The short answer is I think I’m damn lucky. For all of Scrappy’s fault s (real or imagined), he was a godsend in my adventure. It’s really hard in the gay world to find a partner, the stats are against you and factor in some normal emotional scars, it’s a real challenge.  It’s not easy and particularly for the long haul.

I still think other gays are gonna faint when one of us tells them we’ve been together for years instead of the more acceptable months (Gay years).

All in, I’m doing OK and hope you are as well.



  1. Well I kept checking back to see if you would blog again……loe and behold you did…..I’m down to 2 or 3 blogs now so don’t give up……please. Are you still in Hong Kong or have you returned?

  2. I can fully relate to you on trading one marriage for another. I did the same thing from my wife to my partner. And we have no clue of what it means to be gay – in fact, for most purposes except for sex we aren’t.

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