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The return trip from Toronto was long and┬átorturous with a 3 hour flight delay followed by bus and subway. I arrived home just on midnight. Poverty isn’t working out so well for me.

TC is officially a D.I.T., a Diva In Training, I called this morning to awake my brown tiger, he answered, growled in the phone and promptly hung up. He’s not a morning person I’m finding. But his job is going well and I’m quite proud of him. To say this salon is exclusive is an understatement. No sign on the door and it’s known only by it’s address. I got lost trying to find it. But inside you might find Paris Hilton or Nelly Furtado. The stylist just did a video with Nelly that was pretty cool. On the day of my visit, the wife of the owner of the Toronto Maple’s was in bitching about something. They’re all bitches, but they pay.

TC has already started to get a few clients. He has his own work area. Woman love him. He’s quite creative and frankly this salon is the style he should be in. He wasn’t impressed with DC fashion (or lack thereof). But unfortunately he loves me more. He’s a brown tiger after all.

Sadly, there was no drama in Toronto, no big flare ups (except for the excessive amount of all sorts of material for me to oogle at and get in trouble about). We just had a good time together. He sniffled a bit as I was leaving. Despite his good progress in Toronto, he wants to get out and more importantly, he wants to get out together and soon please.

He mentioned again one evening, how much he hated all the gay antics. For many it just never seems to end, it’s a constant merry-go-round, ┬ámaybe because they don’t want it to. So in a nutshell, while it’s long distance love for the moment, I’m happy.


  1. Chris: Here’s your chance to be a business mentor to your Tiger pup — hopefully you can share with him more than just love, but also experience and wisdom. If he gets this career off the ground, there’s a lot more hope for your relationship.

  2. Yeah. You are happy!

  3. TC a Diva in training………..nah, he’s already taken the training wheels off that bike.

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