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Gay married man coming out story

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Now and again I check in on the local news back in my boyhood home. Not that I wanna go back, more just casual curiosity. The big news today was heart wrenching. It seems Mark Sloan, a white guy, was driving around in a bad part of town late at night looking for a little man-on-man action with some dark meat and picked up some “dude” who hopped in the car with him and they rode off. Some overly observant Deputy Dog saw the whole deal happen and started following them. Well good ole boy Mark got nervous, made a right turn, failed to use his “turn signal” and that in the United States of America is what they call “probable cause.”

Mark talks to the “officer” and the Redneck officer wants to talk to the passenger dude. Both are scared shitless no doubt.  The stories don’t match on how they met and the black dude folds early professed Mark had picked him up and was asking to have sex with him. OMG – gay sex, how awful. Of course, since Mark had only picked the guy up 3 minutes prior, nothing had transpired.

Mark was arrested for soliciting sex and off to the pokey he went. Big news for my little hometown. Bigger still, Mark is a married guy and did I mention, he’s also a Captain of 24 years on the local Sheriff’s department.

Google search shows 5,810 articles on this “story” today. It’s big news down there in cotton country. The tawdy details came out during trial. Mark first asked the guy to blow him and whether the black guy would “do” him for more money, how embarrassing. Well the judge heard the case, the po-po indicated they were looking for a stolen car kinda of like the one Mark was driving (light colored with headlights) and that he was driving erratically and when they pulled him over he was acting nervous and an long laundry list of things Mark was doing to attract attention.

The judge ruled, guilty. Mark has now lost his job, barred from being in law enforcement, has 18 months of probation and fined $200 (which sounds like the least of his problems).

Mark’s Facebook About reads:

I am a Christian and enjoy my walk with my personal savior Jesus Christ. Also enjoy my job as a law enforcement officer for the past 23 years. Enjoy helping people and being a witness to them.

I feel incredibly sorry for Mark on multiple fronts.  He likely loves his wife and kids a great deal. Believe in the baby lord Jesus and all that crap. Hunts, fishes, drinks beer with his buds and now again needs a big black boy to do him the wrong way.  Good for him.

Now how any of this is regional news, I have no idea. But it gives you a sense of how warped my little hometown is. I was reading the comments posted on the TV news site about how happy they are that some sexual predator has been “taken off the streets”. How wrong this was for a law enforcement official. How wrong this just all was. I was half waiting for the Banjo Duel from Deliverance to start playing.

Mark made the mistake of talking to the local media and basically said it was all a big mistake and the classic, “the truth will come out” and how his family is supporting him. But what could he say. He has to continue to live in this pig pen of rural America.

I’m sorry Mark for how society has treated you. Likely you engaged in some gay bashing during your day, to fit in, you know, with the boys, the hick community. But I am sorry, sorry because we often project how we want others to see us but live like we want to. Those worlds can collide and then all hell breaks loose.


  1. It’s sad that a guy’s life (as he knew it) is ruined because society has driven him underground. I hope that this is the beginning of a new, better life for him.

  2. Different Perspective: Maybe this is a story about a bigoted, closeted, conservative, gay-denying, perhaps even gay offensive, conservative man who never did anything to support gay rights… a hypocrite. Maybe this is a story about a hypocrite, caught by the press in his own hypocrisy. Sorry, I have no tears for him.

  3. Wow, indcdon, tell us how you really feel. LOL. But, although you seem to have a bit of anger in your comment, perhaps there’s something to it. Closeted, that’s his business. Conservative, non-supportive, that’s his too. But if he was in the closet, and denying or being offensive of gay rights, then … he definitely got what he deserved.

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