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No big drama for today. Sorry, I’m working on something big though (not sure what, but you know me, won’t be long). The topic is communication. I’ve always been one to want to meet someone face-to-face as soon as possible. Like magic, I determine fish or fowl pretty fast. Always found electronic communication not a good way to launch a relationship.

I scratch my head at the people who meet on and have these long drawn out chat sessions and perhaps phone calls before meeting. Frankly, there have been a number of success stories (I’m not talking the 1x hook-up, god what dirty minds you readers have).  I try to be cautious with email & chat. Kenny (my first love) flipped out on me on a chat session one night and our entire 2-year friendship ended with a spew of text on the screen. How quaint.

I’m reading in the NY Times this article on electronic communication. I was motivated by this quote from one of the researchers that electronic communicate inhibits social interaction, “You are very logical and rational, but emotionally brittle.” Many of the thoughts in that article apply to early emotional relationships.

Eliot, one of my fellow bloggers, had written in the past days of a failed social interaction on line that in fact had left him a bit raw. I’m all about technology, love it, I’d sleep with my crackberry if the blinking light didn’t bother me so much. But at some point, we have to deal one-on-one whether in person or a phone call.

Here’s hoping you make that call sooner rather than later.

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  1. I must say, I’m with you in this respect. If I meet guys online, I don’t want to chat online for weeks…I want to meet them in person asap. Much better that way!

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