Common Sense

For our last meal in the now old apartment, I made mushroom risotto. Making risotto and a relationship seem quite similar. Keep the heat high, stir constantly, use good ingredients and add chicken broth slowly. I’m a regular Martha Stewart.

Walking back from the grocer, TC reminds me that we’ve now been together for just on 2 1/2 years. I’m not sure how my story would have been written without him. Men are weak and I clearly needed to move from one comfortable relationship to another. Men rarely leave their wives without having at least a temporary love interest. It’s how we operate. TC is clearly not a temporary love interest at this point, but he could have been.

Much as I bitch about guys who delay making the ‘move’. I’m a hypocrite. I really didn’t do it until TC was under my wing. I hate to think that despite my supposed intelligence and deep insightful thinking, that I was too much of a pussy to ‘do the right thing’ until I had another love interest. But I was and I did. I am a man.

I struggle with my own general recommendations. Get some gay friends. Look for a solid love interest. Stay away from the bad boys. Wow – what depth of writing. Common sense for any occasion. So perhaps I need to climb off my mighty horse and cut some slack to those of you who can’t make the move, whoring about, emotional agony. Perhaps you just haven’t found the right person to give you strength to do what has to be done, I have hope that you do.

TC UPDATE: Our move is underway and TC spent yesterday organizing the kitchen, giving careful thought to the location of each item (versus my standard, find free drawer, fill with shit, find next drawer – not practical but fast). Ah the brown tiger.

5 Responses to “Common Sense”

  • mark:

    Oh, your advise is usually very solid….and eventually (if not right away) you end up taking it. It a forest for the trees thing……when you finish clearing the forest you find the tree you were looking for.

  • Prof Tim:

    So you’ve bridged your time after the separation? :-)

  • jim:

    True…as usual. I know of no one in our situation that has done the “right thing” right off the bat. I was in a relationship with BF when the separation finally happened…and even at that it had to be her that did the moving. Things happpen in their own time… some need miles more of agony before they move on.

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  • Paul:

    Yeah, it was definitely like that for me to. I probably would not have left my wife, if I did not have my BF waiting for me. Moved from one relationship into the next one almost too seamlessly. Now it’s catching up with me 4 months later. But without him, I would have been still back there on the fence.

  • 2 1/2 are practically married in gay years! ennjoy the move…some people magically jump from relationship to relationship…enjoy..lucky. Others are meant to be single for a while!

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