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My temporary apartment approved, I’m heading back to London this weekend, will work with corporate letting agent to sort out a spot. It’s gonna be expensive, I’m closing my eyes a lot.

I rang TC last night to let him know the plan. I can hear him curling up like a cat as we talk. He’s quite happy, purring and playfully toying with me, it’s like some part of his life is finally clicking. He’s already told his flatmates and got all the necessary warnings.

I’ve always professed I didn’t want a sexually charged relationship and now I got it. But we’re moving pretty fast. Our relationship didn’t start with the normal meet & date type of progression. When we’re together, we’re together around the clock. We’re talking too much about too many personal things. The bond tightens through words.

In the back of my mind, I figured I’d eventually match up with someone probably closer to my own age, a professional and similar mindset to my own. But, here I am with someone half my age and a series of priorities that couldn’t be more different than my own. Yet, I’m strangely comfortable.

The next 30 days will be both exciting and difficult.

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  1. Oh wow, congrats with this whole thing. Sounds really exciting, try not to think about it. If it feels right, I’d say just go with it.
    Gah, I miss London! I spent just 3 days there though. I had a winter romance with someone I met through Yahoo Msgr, flew from Tokyo to Seattle, then 4 hrs later caught a plane to Heathrow. I wanna go back,ahhhh!

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