I'm not that interested in your life, and you can remove the "that" for further clarity. I'm far to busy f*cking up my life to bother with yours. I'm reading other blogs and often left wondering, what's your point and why do I care?

Image390 I write every day for YOU and you know damn well who you are. The daddy in the middle of {insert name of some useless state}who was googling along, finds this blog, spends 2 hours reading it and then sends me a page long synopsis of their situation. The synopsis ends with their profuse "thanks for sharing". I likely never hear from them again. I don't usually reply, other than perhaps just a cursory "thanks for reading". That's who I write for, the nameless, faceless soul in dilemma, all the rest of you's are just in the studio audience.

The blogs and letters are often full of hesitation, what's the next step I should make and where will it lead me? Many sadly never make the next step, continually repeating the same actions and thoughts and worse asking themselves why they're not making progress. It's as if the answer they seek isn't blindingly apparent.

The laws of physics apply, if you don't do anything, well then nothing will happen and you'll be subject to the forces of things around you (lucky for me physics wasn't an 8 a.m. class). So I hope dear reader in {name of useless state} that you will decide to take some action and remember that vaguely right is much better than being precisely wrong.

For me, I 'm counting the hours until Tiger Cub arrives on Wednesday. I had to start making a list of all the dirty things I want us to do, ALL NEW STUFF TOO! But sadly, I'm just happy holding his paw.