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Come back tomorrow

The brown tiger stood there at baggage claim bitching about United Airlines like a well worn traveler. My little pup was back. Like two teenagers with over active hormones, we tore off into the night. I had forgotten had cute he is. I awoke early this morning, a twisted carnage of body parts together in the dark. I nuzzled up against his back and listened, the sound of him breathing, his heart beating, I fell back to sleep. This, my friend, is what it’s all about, the goal of all my efforts.

So I’m busy, leave me alone. Fresh meat in the cage.


  1. Yeah..happy ending! enjoy the cuddling weekend:)

  2. LOL and YAWN. It’s called, an addiction, or an obsession. Call me when reality hits and you wake up (take off the rose colred glasses). My honest opinion (in my humble although inadequate own words), he’s just not all that. I think you deserve MUCH better. Don’t you?

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