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Cologne where is my train guy

I’m in Utrecht Netherlands enroute to Cologne Germany, I’ll stop there tonight, one of main gay cities in Germany, 2 supposely big bar/club area. I wish I’d asked the train guy for his number.

Tim, in Chicago, has written me some well placed things to think about. He brought up a subject that I had missed, that gay guys worry about being alone when they get older. I hadn’t thought of that, but what happens when youth and looks escape you. The running around stops and reality starts.

I guess in that respect can I mitigate sex for life long companionship? I don’t know, but looking at all the blonde puppies passing thru this university town station, I may stay here 🙂


  1. Hey, we’re much hotter down south!

  2. Hey, we’re much hotter down south!

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