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Cold, dark winter

Image412 Tears stream down Tiger Cub’s cheek. He’s sitting across from me last night in a darkened restaurant in Toronto’s Little Italy. Today I return to Washington and we will begin our separation again. It’s tough. It’s tough on both of us.


Our long weekend in Toronto flew by, dinners, drinks with friends and a lot of just hanging out in the hotel. We’re just comfortable being with each other. I finally found myself a deep sleep with TC clutched under my arm. It was all quite nice.


Drinks with a former colleague now working for an investment bank mainly consisted of him yelling at me for slacking off. Like a stage mother, he was urging me to take the recent change of events and step my game up. Step my game up? How about I just get a game first. He started to list all the people I know in prominent positions in large companies. “Chris – you cause a sh*t storm everywhere you go, these people need someone just like you to spark their stupid companies into action. Get off your a** and start dialing.”


No matter how well you’re doing, you can always do better. No matter how far you’ve gone, there’s always another empty stretch in front of you. The challenges never cease. His call to action though hurtful, did serve as a wake-up reminder that I can’t rest for too long.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of maybe doing a trip to Toronto. Is little italy pretty good? Can you recommend any good restaurants?

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