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Chicago or bust

I'm going to Chicago for New Year's to see Prof. Tim. Bought my ticket. I'm telling our mutual friend, Paul. "Chris isn't that a bit long to stay with Prof. Tim and his partner", he ask. Prof. Tim's partner will be in Mexico and it will be just us two. "Oh dear god, the perfect storm, the two of you can sniffing around brown boys all weekend", Paul exclaims. Tiger Cub? He's up in a tree hissing at me. But something more important is afoot.

I found this blog by a young guy writing about his coming out experience. He's not had many experiences, mainly just in his mind, he dreams of boys all day long, he's turned off by the heavy sexual overtone, he's not into gay bars, he's tried various online chats. He's quite sincere, he's looking for a nice guy, but he's equally tormented by a desire to hide his sexuality and whether it's right or not.

I wrote and he wrote back. I'm not trying to hit on him, but I wanted him to know I cared in some small way and hoped he would find his way, that the only person who had all the answers was himself.

Reading his blog, I realized I am lucky to have TC. He loves me. He's quite comfortable with himself and it's made me more comfortable in everything from being in public together to sex. I'm a different person because of him. He's hung on to me through everything and I to him. We're gonna make it to the next stage I think.

All my young blogger needs is one good experience to happen and his world will open up as it did for me. Happiness could be just around the bend. I hope so for him.

PS I know it's freaking Leopard, I watch Animal Planet!


  1. At least your Leopard doesn’t want to change his spots……have fun with the Prof.

  2. I agree with you, your cub is one of a kind. How are the teenagers doing? Are they still giving you and TC a hard time? You are such a good father. I can’t imagine why they are acting up so much. How often will you get to see them during New Year’s break? I know my kids have off Christmas through New Years, and they really look forward to spending time with me during that break. I imagine your kids are the same way. You guys going anywhere special for Christmas, or just hanging around? Love to hear more about you and the kids. YOu don’t seem to mention them much, other than when they call you angry names. Still, at heart, I think you are a good father. Trick is to get them convinced about that.

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