Drinks with a former work colleague. I’m trying to get our former ‘boss’ to introduce me to a senior executive at the company he left. Former ‘boss’ is perhaps a stretch, he’s a friend, known him for heading towards 10 years. “Maybe he doesn’t want to give you a reference because you’ll screw it up”, my former work colleague fathoms. He thinks and goes on to note 4 or 5 things in last 10 years that I’ve done less than a stellar job on for my former boss. I leave the bar feeling a bit dejected, perhaps I am worthless.

In my career, I have left and gone back to two different companies. Leaving a third company, one of the senior executives told me point blank if I was every unhappy to call him and they would welcome me back immediately. So perhaps I’m no so worthless.

One evening years ago, I was riding in the car with the CEO of a company, mobile rang, he took the call, I overheard it. Someone was calling for a reference on a former manager in the company who he personally had hated and complained about to no end. But this conversation was different, he spoke in glowing terms about this person and gave a number of success points and concluded this person would be a ‘good’ hire.

At the end of the call, I asked him about this. He said she was a single mother, needed a job, in fact, we all have our place on this earth and he, for one, was not going to stop her from finding her way and would help her any way he could. Now almost 10 years later, I still remember this conversation. It struck me as quite noble. We all have a place on this earth. I took this to heart and today will go to any length to help someone who is looking for their next opportunity.

Single Guy in the City, in those 15 minutes a day when he’s not whoring around, is working and I sense he’s a good employee. He wants to return to the US and in the gayborhood I became acquainted with this fruit in an organization quite similar to what SG is looking for.

I ran into this fruit on the street and told him about Single Guy, he sent me his corporate email and I sent  SG’s resume along with a glowing note (unscented version). What happened? No reply. No thank you, will take a look. Nothing.  TC, who met the fruit, shrugs his shoulders, “Chris – queers are just bitchy, you know that”.

We all have a place on this earth and we all need to help one another. While this posting has nothing to do with queer life, it does have to do with life.  Don’t worry about Haiti. Don’t worry about Africa.Don’t worry about global warming. Worry about your neighbor and everything will be fine.