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Chained up out back

I’m back from Toronto, did you miss me? Of course you did. TC cut my hair at the salon and I must say he did an admirable job. While waiting for him, there was a cute guy waiting as well. Of course I started chatting, turns out he’s from Mexico City. My favorite food group. My brown Chihuahua comes screaming out of the back room to give me the ‘look’.

I imagine you get into a lot of trouble“, he ventures. Who innocent me? Never. “You need a Latino to keep you in order”,  he guessed. Yes yes yes, I need one. He smiled.

Well turns out the guy is one of the dancers shown during the intro to Queer as Folk. OMG. I didn’t need to look that up. He’s partnered with an older guy previously married with two kids. Who says I can’t spot’em. Worse, he’s a friend of TC and we were supposed to all go out for dinner, but since his daddy was on a business trip, TC felt I would misbehave if it were just the 3 of us. Misbehave? When did I not become trustworthy? Poor little Mexican in cold Toronto.

Like all previous visits, TC and I fall immediately into a deep comfort zone. Despite the few weeks, it was just like I’d run out for a coffee. We happily spent our time together, but he was working, I was working. There are simply not that many free moments in the day. Both of us recognizing the magnitude of trying to start a new relationship with the schedules we keep.

We have our routine, our circle of friends and activities, it really takes a concentrated effort to bring a new party online. It would appear much easier to go online, pop into a bar and order in for a quickie than embark on a regiment of dating, conversations and engagement.  Of course, with age, we quickly realize when something isn’t going to work and why continue to invest if it isn’t going anywhere?

So our long distance relationship continues, the other choices seem much less palatable.


  1. You do need a latino to keep you in line! LOL…

  2. Chris: Sounds like you found a new wife. 😉

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