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I find many gay guys sadly immature in many ways that’s saying something coming from me, someone who rarely takes things too seriously. Surfing about the blogs or meeting guys in my own age group, they have this fixation on ‘hot’ bodies. These are frat boys talking about big tits, this is grown-ups talking intensively about what they want in their ‘boys’. Straight older guys rarely have the detail of discussion I’ve heard coming from gay guys (though I have heard woman get quite detailed). It’s childish and frankly unsophisticated. Have some class how about it.

OK I have my likes and types and yes we joke about it. But frankly, I’m more tuned up for someone interesting, sincere and without attitude and a thousand hangups. The other night I was chatting with a young doctor doing his internship on his way to becoming an oncologist. One smart dude. But as I was talking to him, clearly I wasn’t in his food group, he was bouncing up and down eying someone over my shoulder, looking for his hookup of the evening. What a contrast in study.

I must give TC credit. He for some strange reason passed quickly through his whore stage and like an alcoholic giving up drink, decided he wanted to be in real relationships with real people. So he decided on me – old n’ busted. It so funny, when he does make it into the gayborhood, guys are immediately buying him drinks and chatting him up. The drunker he gets, the more he calls me. At 2.45 a.m. my phone rings and he simply screams “I love you” and hangs up. I find out later, some shark was circling his cage and it’s his way of strengthening his resolve. He called later totally blasted in a cab going home. He’s my brown tiger after all.

This is purely an observation. You nor I can change the ‘scene’. But similarly, you and I don’t have to agree to these rules of conduct. I am sure TC isn’t the only one looking for a real relationship. There are others. Perhaps they’re shy, maybe they’re not a hottie (hopefully not a chunky though). Of course, they’re behaviour will reflect your own, if you’re looking for a hook-up, that’s how they’ll respond, so don’t expect some great change of mode the next day.

Prof. Tim still has the best advice, say hello, exchange some pleasantries, enough to get both of you sold, get a number and follow-up later with some privacy. Good advice, still good, still not often followed enough.

Note: I will be in BIG trouble for posting yet another Asian picture. What can I say? Guilty as charged. It was only a snack!


  1. Chris: TC stays with you because you are a catch, is that so hard to believe? You bring some stability to his chaotic life.

  2. Is that boy in the pic even 16. He looks 15. You dirty old…..

    Yes. I agree with you. Everyone around here is always for the best next model…bigger pecks, dicks, arms. I’d like someone emotionally available…wants a relationship and commitment and who likes to cuddle..asking too much from SYD

  3. Single Guy: Nah, he doesn’t look that young – asian guys tend to look more boyish than their age would reveal. I know, because I’m asian myself and I look younger than my old fart status. 😉

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