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Carlos found my blog. When we’d met in London, I’d told him my whole story and that I was writing about it. Curiosity got the better of him, a few minutes on Google and bang, he’d found me. Lucky for me, I’d written a thoughtful note about him, he’s a very nice person and I hope to see him again.

Carlos wrote to tell me he’d found my blog and between the lines, my Latin radar said, he was a little upset about what I’d written. But you see no matter what I wrote, he wasn’t going to be happy, no one likes to read about themselves. Just imagine how a public figure feels, now you know why drug rehab centers exist. I’m glad he said something and no, he wasn’t terribly offended. Still.

Kenny (my first love) got so pissed about this blog that we haven’t spoken since April ’07. I certainly have the right to write about myself however I please. But what right do I have to include others, even if change their names, they know who they are. If you and I have some kind of relationship, can I disclose it?

I refer back to my experiences in wire tapping (OK – I’m a little more interesting than I let on). In the U.S., it’s perfectly legal to record a conversation so long as at least one of the parties is aware of it. So I’m taking the stand, if I was part of the situation, I can write about it.  And no, don’t ask me about the other subject.

Dailybriefing guy has had a similar issue and a friend I met this week warned me that this public diary could be used against me by my wife. Some bloggers have taken their blogs private. I’m trying not to, my main purpose was to help others who might be going thru a similar situation.


  1. hey pumkin. My blog used to get me into all kinds of you have to start giving your boys aliases so you can write about them.

  2. Mate, please don’t go private. You’ve got a fascinating story! Definitely use aliases, that’s what I do. I think people need to understand that what bloggers are writing about is THEIR perspective on the world, the situations they are in and the people they deal with…and so to take a chill pill when they read about themselves. (sorry, I’ll hop off my soapbox now) Chris, you need to write for yourself and don’t let anyone change that! Monty! x

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