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Can I lick the bowl?

Soon it will be Fall and quickly thereafter Holiday Season will be upon us and with that the air of a family gathering. At this point my ‘family’ is unaware of any of the events that have transpired. My wife has not spoken or seen my family in well over two years. The boys and I went down for the beach visit and my wife is politely inquired about. Obviously, they must be thinking something.

It’s been a tough year. My mother is struggling financially. My father is simply getting old. My brother, not as quick as me, has more serious job & financial issues and being local, my parents see it. And of course, you know my story. Needless to say, I’ve reasoned that it was best to keep information on a strictly need to know basis and they didn’t need to know. That simple.

Here come the holidays and my dear mother might want to pay a visit. Unfortunately I don’t live there any more. Worse, I am persona non grata for Christmas. My wife is not eager to play along and the boys are in a position where they have to lie to my parents about things.

Lying is now a big part of my personality and you can never tell just one. They stack up like a layer cake with a gloop of goo between them to seal them together. The more layers, the uglier the mess. I am trying to figure out what to do. The obvious well is obvious, but being a man, I am looking for the more cowardly less emotionally engaging exit path. Death is always an option (mine or theirs).

As I’ve written before, I’m not concerned about being disowned, there is just going to be lots of questions, emotion and what I fear most, burden placed on my aging parents. They will worry about it and there is simply no need. ┬áIt’s all easy until it gets hard. I’d like things in my own life to be a bit more settled so I can speak with confidence, but as with most things, there never is a right time only what seems to always be the wrong time. I ponder on.

HINT: I am looking for invitations to visit you for Christmas. I am total delight, a joy at any holiday gathering, witty and resourceful. I tend to drink and just go to bed, the perfect guest.


  1. Single in the City — I think Chris just asked if he can visit you in Sydney during the holidays. Make his wishes come true.

    OK, seriously now, Chris, you are a straight shooter (pun intended!), you tell things like it is but what is it about dealing with parents that we can never get over. They are adults, they can handle the truth.

  2. Fan of Casey…. even better I will be in home in DC for xmas… you can spend xmas with my disfucntional family!

  3. Chris – OK then, you got your official invite to play referee at Single in the City’s holiday gathering, just don’t be showing favoritism – otherwise people will figure out you have a crush on him. Hahaha!

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