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At 962 feet long, C6FV8 is not one of the biggest ships out there cruising about. But it’s damn big and yesterday, it was back in San Juan. unloaded a boatload of tourists, reloaded, thru the lines off and back she went. It can be fun and relaxing to be onboard a ship, plenty of activities if you want from just plain silly to normal stuff or do nothing if you so desire.

High up, with a forward look-out, sits the ship’s spa with floor to ceiling windows offering a dramatic view of the ship’s bow and horizon. it’s quite pretty. How about a relaxing massage? But TC doesn’t have much time to look out the window. The spa opens each morning promptly at 8 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. except when the ship has been in a ┬áport that day, then it’s open to a late 10 p.m.. Since C6FV8 is running an island hopping route and in port ever yday, TC is working from 8 a.m. until after 10 p.m. each night with only a scattering of breaks. The ship’s motto is all hands on deck at all times except for sleeping and brief interludes. This ain’t a pleasure cruise for the employees.

There at a book store in San Juan is the brown tiger on Skype video. Looking a little thin and considering he was already a little thin, it’s a bit concerning. He’s got to hurry back to the ship and needed to buy some things. “Don’t be writing about this on your blog“, he gives me a stern look. As he launches into a description of his week. ┬áSo I won’t be able to tell you what he told me. Nope. But I can tell give you picture of what he was telling me. Think cat up in a tree and you can hear the yelping from all the way down on the ground.

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  1. That poor little tiger. It is simply inhuman to make him work those hours. Granted, I worked my ass off in my 20s and 30s, and most professionals do, in order to get their careers going. But there is no need to put him throug this. You should propose to him, getting hitched up, set up house, and let him live the life he was born to lead. Make your tiger come back home.

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