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Single in the City posted 3 comments. He’s trying to make up with me. But he has some ‘splaining to do about his Rio adventures.  I’m gonna get cells in my next place, these critters get loose and then look what happens. Brown gone bad.

TC calling at 7 a.m. for his post Saturday night bed check. I’m happy to hear from him. It’s suddenly dawned on him that shortly not only won’t we see each other, we won’t speak as often due to the ship at sea. He’s not happy about this. He’s trying to be mature. He’s half way giving me permission to ‘go out’. He wants me to tell him about it. Then suddenly changes his mind, he doesn’t want to know anything.

While a ship at sea doesn’t necessarily facilitate any big relationships, he recognizes he too may have opportunities of infidelity. He’s not sure how he’ll deal with it. Neither of us are in any position to be in any sort of a relationship, in fact he and I are still in our own relationship. But time and distance wears. He’s not set foot on the boat and already talking about getting off in 3 months.

It’s ironic that 90 days is just a flash for me, seems the older you get the faster time flies. So in many ways I’m content to wait and see what happens. Waiting not being a strong suit for me, but wait I will.


  1. 4th comment!

    30 days will flash by. TG is worth the wait. You and he knowns that. It’s a jungle out there. Some people never fid that special person…only whoring…and that gets boring. See what happens…you never know what the next chapter brings. I just realise this is as much your tiger’s story as yours…I’m caught up with what is going on in his life. You need to change the title of the blog. You are out…now it’s the TG and sugardaddy show!

  2. Hey Chris,

    My brown tiger left for Afghanistan back in Dec…..when he left all things were good between us. He is due back in a few weeks and our communication has nearly ceased. A little different situation than yours, but I will say that three months has felt like a year since we were last together……distance has a way of doing funny things to our minds and relationships. I am not sure what our situation will be when he gets back, but I know we have both changed.

    My advice is to not put your life on hold, but to continue to be active and viligent in your pursuit of happiness and love.
    Good luck Chris and I truly hope your separation has a happier ending.

  3. Chris,

    You have been with TC for 2 years now. Oh, there have been times when he’s gone home to Toronto……and you were going to look around……but in reality you never really did. You didn’t want to then, and I don’t think you really want to now. If you had been truly hetro I think you would still be happily married. Ok, there is the age difference………so what……and he will always want “adventure”……luckily you are “mostly” in a position where you can afford to allow him to have “adventure”.

    When you finally decide to have that “D.C. wedding” I want to be on the invite list (please).


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