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I’m paddling back across the Atlantic today. My wife and I quite cordial during my stay. I was busy around the house playing Mr. Repairman. Tough to maintain a place by yourself. I’ll be back this summer and go after the big stuff.

My kids don’t act like they missed me much, perhaps the little guy who has done a number of thoughtful things. They are busy with their lives.

TC has turned over a new leaf. I think his friends who came over for the puppy party gave him reality that he had a pretty good deal with me. His friends giving him a hard time about my age until he whipped out some photos of me.. Compliments abounded he said, my ego boosted. TC guessing how when he’s my age, I’ll be a ripe ole 70. “I will put a steak in a blender for you before I go out clubbing”, he’s telling me.

He’s been all sweet, purring away on the phone. He’s preparing for my return this evening. Naked is all I need!

I will be 47 next week, another year will have passed, but I have one more week to enjoy my youth, where is my purring cub again?

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  1. Chris – I’d be very surprised if your kids don’t miss you. Just b/c they don’t show doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. And I’m guessing they need you, too…

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