Stupid me, my US bound flight is 1 day earlier than I’d thought so I missed seeing TC on his return from Rome. So I sat down and wrote him a letter and posted it in the hallway asking him to call me when he got in. I also wrote another note about my “pot” Easter Eggs hunt and left that in the dining room.

My letter told him I was sorry, but I was already enroute to the US. That I would miss him and hoped he’d had a good return trip. I continued that after May 3rd, we’d have to give up the apartment and since I had no idea what I would do next, he’d better start thinking of himself. I wrote on that despite the many fights we’ve had, I’d enjoyed us being together and that I slept better with him next to me at night. A little ding that I’d hoped he would have taken this opportunity with me to move his life forward. But no matter.

His plane delayed 3 hours, it’s almost midnight in London and Chris is ringing my US mobile. He’d just gotten in and read my letter. Standing in the hallway, he’s sorry he missed me, it’s a warm little chat. We talk on. He’s long ago planned to return to his Canadian homeland probably at the end of June and his time in London, good or bad, will come to an end. He seemed at ease that with his departure so will our relationship.

It was a little sad. He’s clearly the wrong person for me. Drives me absolutely nuts and is at the incorrect point in his own life to join me. But yet, I am going to miss him terribly. The world outside is quite cold. Better to be two in a blanket.

Chris had not yet ventured into the dining room and I urged him to locate the other envelope. A pregnant pause on the line as he read my page long list of rules for this unusual scavenger hunt. He starts chuckling and our phone calls ends with both of us smiling. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from him this week.