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I’m in DC, at home watching the gay movie, Boy Culture, it’s a stupid movie about a young hustler. I don’t make it thru the whole movie, it’s that bad, but I’m struck though by a couple of scenes. Though a couple of the actors are cute enough.

The movie is following the hustler as he attempts to find some meaning to his life. A voice over is the conscience of the hustler wondering why guys go through all the trouble of keeping fit, eating right, prettying themselves up and then embarking on a one night stand, only to sit the next day wondering why the other guy doesn’t call or call them back. He ponders, as he watches guys cruising one another in a bar, whether all this energy would not be better spent trying to find that one special person. I’m suddenly glad I’m not the only one seeing this oft repeated scene playing any night at any gay bar in any bar in any country.

One of the hustler’s roommates is listening to the hustler lamenting about “how guys behave”. The camp roommate comments that the hustler is “obviously” at stage 1 in his gay maturity.

The hustler is intrigued asks, “What are these stages the roommate is talking about”. The roommate replies that Stage 1 is where you’re looking for Mr. Right, the perfect guy, but the look is in vain, he doesn’t exist. Stage 2 is you given up looking for Mr. Right and just enjoy whomever you meet, whereever you meet them and forever long you’re with them. It’s a boys just wanna have fun period.

The hustler asks about Stage 3. What’s Stage 3? Oh, the roommate replies, “that’s when you’re old and nobody wants you anymore.” Scene closes.

Great just what I needed to hear.


  1. Geez, what a depressing movie…no wonder why you didn’t make it to the end!

  2. hmmm…which stage are you at?

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