I’ve got nothing for you, dear reader, today. No gay drama, no cute boy I found at the gym. My stress though is building. I’ve got to move out of this large apartment and downsize to save some cash, luckily another spot in this building is available, I’m a creature of habit. My business is under capitalized and struggling. The economy is in ruins and the gov’t is spending on stupid things that won’t have much impact. TC is god knows where and I’m home looking at porn as my love interest. That’s my current life. I may, and I say may, kinda of iffy, go to Target tonight to do some shopping. I’ll tweet about it. 🙂

It’s called the grind and you just do what you gotta do. I don’t open my mail much, everything in my life is on auto pilot, but got around to opening up post from December last night. Out dropped a Christmas Card from George & Laura Bush with a card asking me to stay in touch. So funny, I spilled some wine out my glass laughing. Ah, the good ole days when George Bush was President. The amusements in my life.

Something has to or will break in the next months, could be good, bad, but it will be different. Stay tuned.