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I’m in Sydney. Australia. Down under. Yes. For entertainment today, I started a customer preso with a question asking what happened to Crocodile Dundee? We don’t here from him anymore. What happened? Must be a story?

Well no, there isn’t a story, he got old, fell out of the popular circle and get hit by the feds for tax evasion. Sounds like my story.

Scrappy Doo has been ‘busy’ testing the hot water, sitting in coffee shops and going to yoga classes. It’s a tough life. Me. I’m exhausted, come home, have one drink and fall asleep on the couch. At my age, that’s considered exciting.

I’m over the homo thing. No interest anymore. It’s the same story over and over. Like a urologist, once you’ve seen one cock, well you’ve pretty much seen them all. You need only read any of my fellow bloggers to recognize that search for the perfect cock does not ensure perfect happiness. Yet for some odd reason, they search on and on, ever dismissive, ever critical and nearing some state of bitterness.

Scrappy and I go out and patrol the city, bickering about something trivial as we do, but we take it all in. The one thing we do great is have open conversations. Emotions aren’t bottled here, we’re pretty clear with each other on how we stand and feel. It’s not blissful 100%. We each have warts and gaps and missing cogs and sometime they grind to a halt with some screeching.

He complains I look at too many other boys and perhaps some wild oats aren’t completely sown. I complain about his perceptual lack of direction. But there in the middle of the dark night, his little brown paw extends to rest on me and I realize, we made it thru another day. It’s what most people call life.

My feelings or perceived feelings for Eduardo continue to puzzle me. Scrappy told me some doctor had been chasing him around in DC (of which I was fully aware and thankful). But the guy has befriended him on Facebook and continues to write, forgetting that Scrappy is near on 9,000 miles away. Perhaps the doctor felt some odd connection to Scrappy and can’t let it go. Perhaps the distance and isolation allows emotions to breed or simply one’s imagination run wild. Either, Scrappy says he hasn’t replied, but I think he’s pleased do have a distant admirer. Perhaps this how Eduardo feels as well. Everyone needs their ego boosted a bit.

And so it goes.




  1. As you so rightly stated…….it’s life happening. I love star gazing (that’s admiring all the cute queers) when we occasionally go to our local (bi-curious) bar (well we live in a university town so they pretend they “might” be bi….yeah right) but I know who I want to have sleeping next to each night.

  2. Thanks for dinner! it is always so interesting and entertaining to go out with you boys…you are funny!

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