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Gay married man coming out story

Booo hooo

TC is telling me I’m being a cry baby, a drama queen for my posting of yesterday. “OMG – you’re such a homo“, he exclaimed. FU2 brown boy, get on the wrong end of this homo and we’ll see what you say then.

Yes, ok ok, I was wrong. Wrong to be so harsh with my wife. Yes yes, things can always be worse, no sh*t, things can a l w a y s be worse. Until you’re dead, you can just keep on dropping. I know that. So I apologize to all you wankers out there in Internet land. Now you happy? Get back to work.

Week ended, I’m resigned that the economy will remain crap into the New Year. Not much point pushing people to “hire” me. But late at night I had an idea for a new business. I rushed to lunch with an old business colleague. We’re a bit superstitious and we’ve always met in the same low endrestaurant when we’re working on something. This time it’s a Fuddruckers. This same colleague and I blew (along with a horde other worthless low lifes) thru a fair chunk of change two years ago before crashing a company. This was also about the time I was in my crisis homo stage and likely not working too hard. so if you wanna know what it costs to come out, I’m figuring about $25m in my case.

Anyways, I’m all excited. Decided to do something smaller, raise less and just run it. Keep it small, send me a check once a month to my PO Box in Miami Beach (or Cabo, any vote for Cabo?). So I’m hunkered down writing out the details. I’m alive again.

With that burst of energy, I fell upon the birthday gift for my aging Tiger Cub. Very personal and I think he’s going to be touched by it (I’m planning on touching him a whole bunch just in case). Can you keep a secret? NO. So you’ll have to wait.


  1. Getting TC his very own brown kitty to play with?
    How exciting……you won’t know where to look first…..
    See I can keep a secret!!

  2. Kristoferos:
    I really wish you would stop pounding on that “fifty-seven years old” line. Some of us are ever so slightly sensitive about it.
    Just wait until TC is 57, and you’re 80. Then you’ll see how old it looks…

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