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Washington has a gay bookstore which other than a curious one time visit isn’t on my normal shopping route. I prefer to shop in the straight handsome man book stores. Nonetheless, reader ‘Jerry’ wrote and gave a qualified recommendation to the book, “Velvet Rage” and seeing as how he professed to be consuming my “Renewal” rabbi book, ah what the hell, I take a look at well.

The gay community is constantly stuck in naval gazing (assuming their eyes get that high) trying to answer the unanswerable question, why did god make me this way and gee are those shoes really on sale. Nonetheless, I read along and it did answer some questions for me. Why do homos hang out with woman? Why do many of them act so flamboyant? Why don’t fruits call back? And what are they really thinking and why? I suspect there’s an entire chapter focused on “Single in the City”.

I understood better the trauma that TC has and is enduring along the way. He needs a lot of reassuring, continual confirmation that I’m still there and is forever jealous I might run away. It is not an easy life and recent YouTube videos (based upon the bridge jumper) talk about how it gets better. I’ve got some bad news, it may never get great (clearly I’m in glass half empty mode).

Me? I didn’t hang out with girls. No problems with my dad. I didn’t get picked on it school. I had my gang of guys and we did guy stuff. I have little fashion or style sense (never quite sure when it’s acceptable to wear linen). No¬†perverted sexual tendencies. This hasn’t been some shadow over my life. ¬†Left to my own devices, I’m probably quite boring in most respects.

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  1. There is more than one chapter! LOL

    Why?? why? I guess when I’m your age 50…I’ll figure it out. 25 more years to wait! LOL

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