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Having two teenage kids in a small apartment is a real test. I’ve realized that scrambled eggs do in fact go quite nicely with a chilled glass of Chardonnay. I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted from people taking from me. My job is thinking, I don’t push paperwork, I don’t have a nice litte routine, I’m supposed to think up new stuff, new ideas, new concepts. Well I’m f*cking all thought out for the moment. My kids testing me on all angles. TC called to see if I was booking the Italy trip, what am I? His travel agent? Luckily, my wife hasn’t asked for much help of late.

Do you ever feel like you’re all “give” out? Who gives back to you? If you offer do, people simply take, without looking back?

This isn’t “new”, don’t we all feel like we’re doing “more than our share” in a relationship?

I always chuckle, 70% of business managers think they rank in the top 10% in terms of management skill. Well dude, the math doesn’t work, does it? I guess 70% of us think we’re super at our personal relationships. Math doesn’t work here either. I hated math.

I was at dinner with my Indonesian friend and though I’m not interested in him, he’s quite attentive to me. He ordered, poured my tea, served my food and was generally concerned that I be relaxed and enjoy myself. I should be nicer to him because he’s clearly giving to me. I hate to characterize an entire region, but this is the Asian culture that I like.

We all like to “get”, some of us descend to becoming “takers”, but do we stop and appreciate when people “give”. It’s easy to forget to say thank you, overlook a note of appreciation or simply recognize the efforts of another. None of us is shy about accepting these comments.

So I hope I and you will do a better job on this front, you can start today, there no lines, no waiting.


  1. Teenages are more difficult than 6 year olds to amuse. Being a responsible parent isn’t much of a holiday. Apparently your wife has done a better job than you realized, always giving her best for them.
    Yes we all take the “good life” for granted, but stepping back to see how others make it good for us is necessary.
    On another front, even if you’re not “interested” in your new asian person making him a good friend might not be a bad idea. It would appear that he does a very good job or making you feel appreciated.
    As for TC, you already know where he stands. This isn’t going to be a “forever” thing. He’s gotten used to you “giving”, it’s your fault you spoiled him. So just enjoy your warm tiger cub….

  2. I know exactly what you mean. For me, work takes the most from me, so when I get back to my personal life and people want stuff from me, I’m like, “I don’t have more to give!” but I guess that’s life. I guess we just have to manage the giving and taking consciously to stay sane.

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