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I got mad at my cable TV provider. A small insignificant billing error, but they didn’t give a shit, just pay your bill dude.

Unfortunately, they failed to realize who they were f*cking with. So last Friday, I did what I do best, I went online with a professional blog site, custom domain, a telephone number where others could leave messages about their ‘problems’ with this company and a Twitter account. Just for fun, I also contacted a national publication who is interested in articles about social networking. F*ck’em I will. On Sunday afternoon a Philadelphia (hint) senior executive called me from his home. “What can we do to make this right?”. About 20 minutes later the DC area manager called “not only are we going to make this right we’re gonna make you happy”. Yesterday morning at 9 a.m. at my door stood a hapless service technician, there to make right. He did and the website is now down again. Game, set, match.

I’ve not been a big gay rights advocate.  A local member of the ‘gay’ chamber of commerce tried to get me to join. Like sexuality has anything to do with business? You need not travel far to find other ethnic or specialty groups advocating that they deserve some special treatment. They don’t.

I’m old enough to have lived in the ‘Freedom Rides’ period where blacks were prohibited from ‘white’ waiting areas. I still vaguely remember colored restroom signs. In hindsight it was all pure silliness. But America is full of silliness. There is the life we tell the world we lead and then there is the reality of how it is.

It is pure silliness the issues surrounding gay issues and it must start at the federal government level, not some backward or forward state. There is no right moment to begin this movement and there is no wrong action that can be taken.

I ponder thus my own inaction. My own inability to wear my badge. To not advocate that my rights should be upheld. To shamefully let others do my work.

Social change is a long and tedious process, measured in millimeters and decades of time, but aren’t we all supposed to push on this rock just a bit. I am thinking what can I do? What can you do?

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  1. Good question. I think of the Harvey Milk book “Mayor of Castro Street”. There was a time in San Francisco that is was thought to be counterproductive to be aggressive about gay rights……Harvey would have none of that and as a result stepped on more than a few “influencal” gay toes. Lt. Dan Choi, in chaining himself to the White House fence and making an issue of things rather publicly is also thumbing his nose at the likes of Barney Frank, etc. Maybe they are right, maybe it’s time we became a bit more obnoxious. Remember those drag queens outside the Stonewall Bar……it’s because they were both loud and proud that the New York City police were forced to change their harassment of gay men.

    Sorry for the ramble.

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