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Bicycle built for two

A splendid summer day on tap, I rented a cool bike, loaded up for a picnic, put TC on wheels and we along with our provisions rolled out to Toronto Island for the day. Toronto Island is largely devoid of cars and has a paved paths throughout making for a nice easy ride with picturesque views of the Toronto skyline.  The brown tiger is happy as am I, sitting along the water, munching on grapes and cheese, drinking a bottle of wine.

Later this week I will leave and what I’d hoped to avoid, the long distance love, will begin again. Not much I can do and I’m not happy about it. TC is busy, 5 days at week work, family and simply dealing with the burdens of life, doesn’t leave him a lot of time to get into trouble. It’s not fair, but the reality is we’re happy.

TC’s friend Steve has a long term live-in BF, Latino guy. Unfortunately, they’re no longer doing the ‘wild thing’ together and haven’t for sometime. Steve is openly out having random hook-ups with others to the full awareness of his BF. Yet he comes home to roost each night. Is the Latin guy too weak to just tell him to f’off? In either case, Steve and Latino guy can’t seem to shake one another, yet it’s not a full relationship or is it?

Whatever the case, TC and I will need to get things sorted before the end of summer. I’m hoping and praying.


  1. Oh,he’s so cute, not having time for you and all because he’s so busy and all. And you are absolutely right to bring up the obvious differences between the “wonderful” relationship you and Tom Cat — oh excuse, me, I meant to say TC — and that awful Latino guy. God bless you and your Tom Cat, to put the rest of us to shame. I live in envy (not) of your wonderful relationship.

    Chris, Chris, Chris. Do you drink cofee? Someone needs to wake up.

  2. Maybe the key is an open relationship. They were discussig this on the radio this morning…many men called and say…they come home to their wives but they fuck around !

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