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Being pragmatic

I work at a technology company that at one point had hot products and was generating billions in revenues. The market shifted, our technology suddenly wasn’t growing but was in fact declining, times got bad, the old management left, new management couldn’t fix it and in came the investment vultures. The investment vultures installed a new management team who said they were going to re-build the place, become a great company again.

The CEO believes his own rhetoric whilst flying around in first class, each quarter lambasting the sales team for not meeting whatever lofty objective was set and with great predictability a group of employees magically get axed at the beginning of each new quarter to save money.

My company is stuck in a phase situationally reacting versus creating a path of sustained viability. Mostly, the CEO is just scared to acknowledge the truth, our old business will continue to decline and costs will need to be cut and we can only hope that the new ventures we attempt meet with success. Were he to say simply that he would immediately gain new respect amongst the workforce.

I reflect on this as Scrappy and I patrol about together, we’re a happy little couple and not ashamed. But I haven’t introduced him in a wider aspect of my life and I’m not entirely sure why or rather I know why, I’m still scared. Of late, we have witnesses a ground swell of homos emerging from the mist. Their lives didn’t end.

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t start out that way, perhaps it’s because I don’t want to address the questions it might raise, perhaps I worry about the potential impact. Whatever it is, I’m haven’t fully dealt with it.

I’ve made more progress than most. I still find many old bloggers still lamenting their hidden secrets, progress mostly evading them. Perhaps I shall again. Perhaps.



  1. You are so prickly, so I hesitate to comment in your blog entriies. The slightest challenge to your one man dogma (the world according to Chris) and you eiither block me or you stop posting or both. So I will only suggest and inquire, gently …. Are you truly happy with Toeonto Chris ?

  2. “My company is stuck in a phase situationally reacting versus creating a path of sustained viability.”

    Really well put. May I quote you on that?

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