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I’m gonna have to remove ‘party animal’ from my Facebook profile. I’m home sick as a dog, cold, I’ll get better.

TC’s media relations manager contacted me today, seems he is concerned about TC’s image as he’s being portrayed in this blog as a gold digging manipulative rent boy and then inquired whether I’d sent him his monthly allowance yet or not. 🙂

Interesting how the truth when written often presents a slanted view of the actual circumstances. Remember that when you read the news. After 2 years, I’ve got a good handle on my boy. TC is a hopeless romantic, a roving vagabond, a gypsy, deeply sensing and caring, creative, loving, works hard when the machinery finally start. He’s also lazy, prone to emotional tantrums (which I now just ignore), takes forever to cool down and likely the most disorganized person I’ve ever met. It’s a package deal and I had to take him “as is” with no warranty, though returns are accepted for store credit (thai anyone?).

The ‘net is he’s my problem, I’m all grown up and I didn’t fall off a cabbage truck and pride myself that I’m usually a good judge of character. TC is a good egg as the Brits would say. The point in all this writing is (1) to push myself forward and (2) to push you forward.  Standing still is not an option.

One blogger (who I no longer read) is still 2+ years  into writing,  married, living with his fat wife and kids, chasing guys and talking about how ‘lonely and miserable’ he is.  I wrote him an email (which he didn’t reply to) asking how long he planned to stay on this paper route and to email me his address so I could send him a gun so he could put an end to his horrid life because I was tired of reading the same sh*t everyday from him. (I told you I’m really not a nice person).

OH Chris, but it’s so hard. OH Chris, you don’t understand. OH Chris I’m working on it. Whether you’re a 24 yo twink living at home with your parents, fooling them about your whoring around at Chicago’s SPIN on Wednesday night or a 42 yo suit n’ tie daddy at home with mommy & kids. Insert n’ repeat is not the kinda of life you should be leading for yourself.

I’m gonna crawl back into bed now, hack up a couple of fur balls and go to sleep.

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  1. Ah, the truth at last. A gold digging manipulative rent boy — yes my friend, that is what he is. My perception is that you have been getting very bad advice on your blog, from clueless people (Mark, step right up to your plate). My advice to you: Decide … how much longer are you willing to play this broken record? When will you move on? Afraid to be alone? Yes, you are. But wake up. You are alone, still, and you just don’t know it. Find a true companion.

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