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Back to the bar, but with a twist

Friday evening, I’m banging around the downtown apartment packing some stuff, decide I should see TV guy in person. So I call him, he’s happy to go for a drink. Call my wife, I’m going for a drink, will be home in a bit, surprisingly she’s OK with this. I give Conner a call, want to tell him I’m moving back to the ‘burbs in person, but he’s more circumspect. He’s happy to chat, but he seems to always be “chillin” and doesn’t want to be nailed down. Starting to think, he’s just a bit flakey.

TV guy is running late. Knock me over with feather. 30 minutes, 1 hours, almost 2 hours late, I send him a text, I’m leaving, don’t have time. He calls, he hurrying down the street, meet me at his apartment. His blue Porsche glides in, he’s happy to see me. His personal assistant is working in his home office. But we quickly go to Halo. He’s happy I’m making an attempt to reconcile with family, but curious how I’m going to pull it off.

It’s a different environment for me now. Only time will tell. A friend of TV guy wanders over. White guy, a body to die for, he has some personal trainer working him out (and the results look good), the most perfect teeth I’m seen on a human. He’s all excited about some new BMW he’s just bought, showing me pictures on his iPhone, complaining about the dearth of decent looking guys in DC and telling me about his forthcoming European trip. I’m thinking, you’d fit it really well in LA from where I came from. Nonetheless, I find myself growling a bit.

Yes, indeed, only time will tell.

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  1. I’m thinking the gorgous guy would probably be ok dating himself……as he’s the only guy perfect enough for him.

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