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Back to Black

The week flew by and TC and now back in Canada. Sorry to have gone radio silent. I took some time off and we played house together. He banged around in the new place, he has a way of putting touches that I miss, into the place. So I’m back in black again, alone, damn.

I almost didn’t venture out last night but figuring I wouldn’t do much else, why the hell not. So I made the journey into the city to meet up with gay social group. My god, absolutely nothing in my food group, older guys, 40’s, 50’s. But I was going to make the best of it and I did. I ended up going to dinner with the group and frankly having a decent time, a couple of the guys were quite funny or at least allowed me to be funny (I admit I need loads of attention).

The older guys clearly have less attitude, a bit more balance outlook on life. During the course of the evening, one guy managed to extract most of my story from me, the abbreviated 10 minute is like a good reality TV show, it is an amusing story. Two of them Facebooked me today so I must have left a good impression (or they’re just desperate for friends). I hope this is the beginnings of a some small circle of contacts for me.

New reader? Welcome, I have all sorts of random musings for regular readers. But if you’re new, my story started in June 2006 (see blog beginning). Hard to believe it’s approaching 4 years. A lot of water has gone over the dam in the making of this story. Like any water ride, there are plenty of boring parts, but excitement is usually just around the next turn and so it goes.

I’m doing alright, not great, alright is well alright. I still carry a bag of issues with me, discomforts,  things I wish that weren’t so, at nearly 4 years, you’d of thought the waters would be now stilled. I am starting to suspect I will have to carry some baggage forever, but am always looking to lighten the load.


  1. Wise move! Hanging out with a bunch of decrepit old farts …. er…I mean guys our age…. is probably the best way for you to avoid the temptation of cute boys. 🙂

  2. We all carry excess baggage. But yours is cuddly and brown:)

    Enjoy…you should give out my details to all those daddies in DC!

  3. I think it’s a great move to have a circle of friends your own age…..nothing wrong with twinks…..but then again there’s also nothing wrong with “old farts”.

  4. From having a look at your site you are clearly bisexual not gay maybe a kinsey 4! I think you might need a man and a woman in your life in order to find balance – I do. Good luck with your new venture

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