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Early this morning, TC and I sat at a quaint little bakery in Paris sipping a huge bowl of Cafe au Lait, me happily munching on a chocolate croissant. The buttery crumbs covering my dress shirt as I gleefully licked my fingers. “You’re such a little boy”, TC looking scornful. This would be our last breakfast together for a while.

Yesterday, I made may way to the airport, TC due to fly later that evening to London. We had a tearful good-bye at the Blanche Metro station and with that I disappeared underground. At the airport, I found that due to a cancellation, I wasn’t going to make the DC flight and quickly emailed TC that I was returning to the hotel. I boarded an express RER train back into the city as fast as I could go.

At the hotel, TC looked horrid, his brown eyes swollen, he admitted he had thrown himself on the bed and cried for 45 minutes. He was now giddy that I would have to stay one more night.  His return logistics would be problematic. The penalty to change his flight was high. EuroStar is ridiculously expensive. The cheapest and ugliest was a direct bus from Paris to London. I urged him to just fly, I would work, it was fine. But no, my tiger wanted to stay and agreed to take an 8 hour bus trip back to Paris to spend 24 more hours together.

There is much to say, but I’m tired from my return travel to DC today. TC is already back in London.

The ‘net of it, it looks like TC is going to get on the ship and with my blessing and support. Much as we both hate the thought of it, the situation is difficult. So with heavy heart, we both resigned that perhaps this was the way it will be.

I have a quick but long 1-day trip tomorrow so you will have to wait until Friday to hear this in more detail.


  1. Hi Chris,

    This is getting so interesting. I am happy for you and TC and I hope you will have more positives to write. Thanks for sharing your experience in the form of a wonderful story.


  2. Chris

    Heart wrenching to say the least. I know you do not like hugs; just know that there are people out here who wish the best for you. Something tells me that this story is far from over. Letting him go at this stage is the only way you will eventually have him forever. I truly believe that and I think you do too. Stay strong, buddy!

  3. I still think you ought to surprise TC and book passage on his cruise ship……..ONCE he finally gets on it.

  4. That’s so romantic…planes, be together:)

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