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Gay married man coming out story


This would be me. Tongue hanging out, trying to avoid being bitten by my wife and wondering, why, why do I find myself in this situation?

Years ago, old country gentlemen with a farm had told me casually one day he’d shot and killed one of his dogs. Why, I asked? The dog it seems had started to get into the chicken coop and eat chickens. He explained to me that once a dog got the taste for chicken, the dog would always want to kill chickens. The parallels to my current life are telling.

Yesterday, while I was out, my wife went into my office, into my laptop case and deep into a side pocket to dig out my recent HIV test results. Coming home, she was in tears, why did I go for testing? Because. Because why? Because I’m a no good, cheating, cock sucking MOFU. How’s that? What can you say to that now?

Well the tears flowed. I try and be sympathetic. But facts are facts and arguing with them doesn’t even make for interesting conversation. I think for the first time, she realizes, it’s over. I’m not sure the healing process has begun but we’re clearly moving to another phase.


  1. i really hope things work out for you. i am glad you have the means to allow your boys to continue to lead the life they are accustomed to (same house, lifestyle, etc.). i know it will still be hard for them, but it could be a lot worse.

  2. so much pain and anger… I would be upset if my wife went through my stuff like that. On the other hand it’s clear she loves and cares for you, as you do for her. It sounds like you are ready to move to the next phase, though, but is she?

  3. I still don’t get how u expect to maintain the routine and yet change the whole underlying commitment. Beyond these difficulties, wouldn’t the situation require an inordinate degree of communication and coordination well beyond those of normal married couples. You’re in limbo seemingly. I hope you can post more. There just seem to be so many parts to your story;) Btw, that’s quite possibly the funniest picture EVER–esp in the context of quarreling spouses.

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