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Astrology: Believe it or not

I’m a practical person and like to think I make factual astute decisions. The whole nature of horoscopes seems just way into outer space for me. My zodiac sign is Taurus and since an early age I recognized that I was quite similar to many of the written attributes that Taurus is supposed to have. I thought it novel but didn’t pay much attention to the daily readings.

Along the way, I asked the simple question what sign am I most compatible with for love? There are many websites that show your sign compatibility with another (including this one). I’ve played with it a bit and much to my surprise, I often find myself nodding my head.  The stars signal me (or is the vodka talking) that Cancer is who I’m most likely to hit it off with.  It says that another Taurus is also not too shabby and Capricorn works as well. The website gives some details of how those relationships work.

My wife is also a Taurus and reading the compatibility guide, I’d say it’s pretty much spot on. The scary part though is a name from the distant past, Eduardo, a beautiful Mexican guy that I’ve met on various occasions, though we’ve never done anything on the hanky panky side. For some reason, this guy just bakes my cookies, fluffs my omelet, crisps my Dorritos. I have no idea why nor does he.  We’re like two little magnets yet have for the most part been ships passing in the dark.

Eduardo is a Cancer sign. OMG. I’m definitely not a hocus pocus type of person, but perhaps there is something here. Not that I would ditch someone I was getting on with, the question is if I were looking would I seek out someone that is perhaps more ‘sign’ compatible with me?

What do you fruity flavors think? Keen to know


  1. I’m a Cancer but you never moon over me…….awww

  2. Of all the bloggers I follow, I can’t believe YOU’RE the guy writing about astrology bullsh*t. Wow.

    But if it crisps your Dorritos (as all the kids are saying these days), enjoy.

    Hmm. On the other hand, you’d better not post too much more about this crap otherwise we’ll all start to think you’re a few chips short of a full bag.

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