March 2007 – William calls, he wants to go out for a drink. So much for his recommendation to "be good".

Halo 6:30 p.m. we meet. I’m in full extrovert mode. We get drinks and make our way to a couch where another group of after work professionals are seated. I immediately spy a cute Asian guy, intelligent, soft spoken and beautiful eyes. This my type. He’s well dressed, Prada shoes, Gucci belt (I notice this stuff), he’s also wearing an expensive Ralph Lauren shirt, the one with large Polo player on the front. I make my opening line.

"Do you like to ride it?", I inquire. William practically drops his drink. The group immediately falls silent. My Asian friend with soft brown eyes stares back at me in disbelief. "Your shirt", I point, "do you like to ride?"

A smile curls around his mouth and he dives in laughter behind his group of friends. My opening bid is accepted.

My new Asian friend is in my age range, certainly well dressed, cultured, traveled, I’m attracted to him. I’d love to go to dinner and talk. I could imagine me embarking on building a relationship. Ooops .. I’m married.

The group leaves after a few drinks. William collects an email address. We should organize something in the future.

Why? I don’t want to have to explain myself or lie. I’m not looking for a one night stand. I’m sad.