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It probably won’t surprise you I track visitors to this website. It makes me feel good when someone randomly pops in an reads the whole site. As I’ve written before, I hope it’s helpful to that person, whatever their state.  Tiger Cub (new name – Pup) has a wicked sixth sense about me. He can feel a disturbance in the force from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. If I so much as look sideways at some guy on the metro, he can feel it far away.

So no great surprise, he sensed I was blogging again and secretly has resumed reading this. Hi Pup! What I don’t have as a sixth sense, I make up for with electronic eavesdropping tools and his sniffing about was immediately reported. I asked him if I should just send him my postings in advance and he went into immediate denial mode (always a good defensive option), I pressed on and he got mad at me (best defense is a good offense) and finally admitted defeat (good pup). He such a girl and fails to remember I’ve dealt with a woman for many years! 🙂

But seriously, it’s the fact that he’s in tune with me and whether I’ve been naughty or nice that is telling. So many relationships lacking of depth. I’m honored he’s on my game at all times. It means that he deeply cares.

TC and I have been battling on a single point. I want my pup to come home. He wants to come home but not to DC. I don’t want him to go on the boat. He doesn’t really want to go on the boat, but it’s a walk the plank situation (what other options does he have). Our discussions are nothing but a mobius loop, over and over on the same topic. Our voices get louder, the sentences longer and more punctuated, but the content is always the same. The fact is neither one of us want to be apart, perhaps we both need to back away for a few days, let our thoughts settle. Time, as you well know, answers all questions.


  1. Love is hard to find! so I hope you both can work this out..for my sake. I need to beleive in a couple! a gay couple! a brown and white couple!

  2. Yeah I agree with single guy… hope you two work it out.

  3. Well…… isn’t as if you haven’t blogged about this situation before. I love it that you two continue to work on working things out. Are there obvious problems….that goes without saying. Are the obvious answers…….well maybe not obvious, but yes there are answers…’ve found them before and here’s hoping you find them again.

  4. i had downloaded your blog/book way back in May and read it the whole book,well nearly all,the book was saved on my HDD and it crashed and i lost many things .

    however i had kept few kool pics from your blog on my cell as wallpapers ,last month i was trying to find ur webpage i googled toronto chris and many other combinations to find your blog,but could not,then just right now i literally drained my memory and remembered that i saw your site link in gay banker’s blog which i read at times and voila i found ur blog again

    I thought u must have taken down the site…any ways its kool ur r back blogging,,why i wrote such a long story as i found ur blog inspiring… !

    have a great year ahead !

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